Yesterday, there’s a blog post I’ve read about 1Password app talking about how to secure and protect your data and passwords using a single app.

I got super curious about it and I know for a fact that all my accounts are vulnerable. I use only two passwords and I just change the numbers and symbols on it when I need to.

A few months ago, or maybe last year, I received a threatening email saying that they have my personal information. It was somehow believable because they stated my MAIN EMAIL and my MAIN PASSPHRASE. It doesn’t have the numbers or symbols but it was so alarming.

The only way to really prevent my self from being hacked is to at least enable two-factor authentication/ 2FA / 2-step verification. I loved doing that but for someone who changes phone numbers from time to time, having it enabled wasn’t really a good idea.

I used to work in a call center that handles Google customers and most of their issue is about the 2-step verification. Their problem is when they got their phone stolen, they can no longer access their accounts because it requires them to enter code that is sent to their phone. And as customer care rep, we can’t do anything AT ALL to recover it.

So it’s important to be careful with your accounts. Later on this post, I’ll also share how to make use of the DashLane app for this matter.

Going back with my storytelling…

After I seeing the article, I checked all apps on the app store that is similar to 1Password. It is a paid app so I have to look for a free or cheaper version of it. One familiar app came up and that is the Dashlane APP!

It caught my attention because I have that app on my laptop before but I uninstalled it. I checked the reviews and it seemed to have a very good reputation everywhere. So I installed the app!

To my surprise, the app subscription when done on iOS is just 49PHP a year! While on the android devices it is 88PHP per month. And 3.33 USD on Laptop.

dashlane subscription price on ios