One of my dreams, when I was young, is to be able to control things by clapping or snapping. I wanted to learn wizardry back then just to do that. Now that I am old and technology gets upgraded from time to time, there are now things that we can control by voice(which is almost similar to my clapping and snapping dream). 

2 months ago, I bought a smart speaker with a built-in assistant which is the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation. This is somehow the start of making my childish dreams possible. I am so excited to write about this thing because I find it really exciting to use it not just for me but for everyone in our family.

It took months though before finishing this draft because I tend to get distracted by so many things. As a matter of fact, I have tons of items to review from my purchases months ago but I tend to pay lesser attention to the most important things for me. That sucks but let’s get into the review…

But first, why did I buy an Amazon Echo Dot?

Aside from the dream, I decided to buy an Amazon Echo Dot to lessen my son’s screen time. Also to become more focused and organized with what needs to be done by setting up reminders, alarms, and routines. And to be able to play music or ask quick questions whenever I want or need to. 

So far I’m achieving some of these goals which I’ll be talking about in my future posts because as you all know I write LOOONG posts. I love long-form of writing… For now, let’s focus on the quality of the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation and if it’s worth the price.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review here in the Philippines