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Tenda AC11 MU-MIMO|AC1200 Wi-Fi Router(Review)

Last time I posted an initial review about Converge FiberX 1500 in Cavite and mentioned that their router isn’t the coolest router provided to us by an internet service provider that’s why it needs a little boost. That boost is to buy a Tenda AC11 (AC1200) MU-MIMO router that I can use to manage the WiFi distribution here at home.

Since I got the router and the Ethernet cable I purchased, it’s about time to share a review. This is to let you guys know whether the internet we got from Converge is maximized to its fullest after having this WiFi router or no improvement at all.

Just be aware that this post is not sponsored but has some affiliate links that will give me a small earning if you use them to purchase the item. Thank you in advance to those who will use it and to those who will continue to support this blog.

Shipping Experience for this item

I’m so happy that this Wi-Fi router I ordered came in too early than the estimated delivery date. I ordered it on May 7 and got it on May 12 instead of May 22. The item was ordered overseas that’s why it took some time. But this is the cheapest among all the listed items of the same brand and model. But it didn’t disappoint me because I received it 10 days earlier. There are some sellers that are based in the Philippines but they have a higher price.

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It was delivered without bubble wrap and there are some tiny scratches on the pouch but the item is secured in its box. Thanks to the somehow good box of this TendaAC11(AC1200) MU-MIMO Smart Wi-Fi, it didn’t have any damage.

Tenda AC1200 is not the model

I tried to scan the mall and some networking peripheral shops near me and I couldn’t find the same model. They kept on telling me that they have is a Tenda AC1200. For routers you may see this “AC1200”, just so you know, that is not the model number. It is the total maximum bandwidth of the router. This means a router with AC1200 can handle up to 1200 Mbps Wi-Fi bandwidth (300M bps for 2.4 GHz and up to 900 Mbps for 5 GHz).  So the model that I’ve got is Tenda AC11 and the router that the local shops have is Tenda AC6 which happens to be AC1200 as well.
That can lead you to buy a different model if I don’t share this info so hope that this part helps.

Read this: How to Set Up this Tenda AC11 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router

Tenda AC11 (AC1200) Specs

The specifications below are from the product description since I can’t find many detailed specs on the web.

Tenda AC11 Specifications
Tenda AC11 Specifications and features

Features I like about Tenda AC11:

  • 6dBi Antenna – It really improved the Wi-Fi reach across the house. Even the farthest room at home can detect the Wi-Fi and downstairs.
  • MU-MIMO and Dual-band – I and my husband loves playing games online while the rest of the people at home love streaming videos or movies on our TV. This feature helps maximize our speed distribution at home.
  • Bandwidth Control – Aside from the MU-MIMO technology, this bandwidth control also helps me control the speed of download and upload of anyone connected to our network. 
  • Guest Network – My sister and kids usually visit us every week and her kids always watch on their devices too. So I connect them to a guest network that has bandwidth control as well. Apparently, I noticed that you can’t modify the name of the device connected thru the guest network. At the same time, I set it to 2Mbps speed but it seems that the download speed is only affected by the setting. But the good thing here is you can set the duration when the guest network is active.
  • Beamforming – This feature allows you to concentrate the signal of your Wi-Fi toward the antenna’s direction. Just so you know most Wi-Fi routers have omnidirectional antennas.
  • Tenda has a mobile app – I like that they have an app for this and you can register for an account if you want to remotely control your Wi-Fi. You can still be able to control wifi when connected to Tenda’s network if you don’t want to register. Having an app makes it more convenient for me to scare the kids to do their chores otherwise will turn off their Wi-Fi. Hahaha!
  • LAN speed – This router has Gigabit WAN, which means it can receive up to 1Gbps speed from your ISP modem but most Gigabit routers can only send up to 100Mbps speed from router to PC. Good news, this router support up to 200 Mbps LAN speed. If you’re confused WAN port is where your router receives the internet connection while the LAN port is where your router sends the internet to your device like a PC.
  • Very easy to set up. Actually, I’ll be posting how to set this up tomorrow since what I’ve got doesn’t have an English Manual.

Features that are missing on this router

  • No USB port – Just in case you wanted a router that supports USB, this one doesn’t support it.
  • No Power Button – This device has a reset button but I can’t find a power button. There’s a reboot option on the router settings and on app anyway or just unplug it.

Router operation mode:

  1. Router – LAN to WAN via Ethernet Cable (Static IP, Dynamic IP, PPPoE)
  2. WISP – extends the WiFi signals of ISPs like CMCC, China Unicom, and ChinaNet.
  3. Universal Repeater – Connect to a Wi-Fi network to extend the signal.
  4. AP – often used for wireless network coverage in hotels and SMEs.

For home users like me, you most likely gonna use 1 or 3. As for me, I’m using it as a Router with Dynamic IP because I have an Ethernet cable and we have several users at home. With Dynamic IP, your router will automatically assign IP for your devices. If you don’t have Ethernet cables you can simply use the 3rd mode. On my next post, I’ll share how to set up the router mode and universal repeater mode. 

Was there an improvement with our Wi-Fi after using this Tenda AC11 router?

I can definitely say that our internet had great improvement. Our ping when playing while everyone is streaming HD videos is still low and no one’s getting any buffers after controlling the bandwidth of each device we have. I now turned off the Wi-Fi broadcasting of our old router from our ISP Converge ICT.

Here is some screenshots comparison of the ping test we had on both routers:

As you can see on the screenshots the ping test on Tenda looks more stable than the other one. 

Don’t judge a product just because it’s on a Chinese label

I can attest that this item I got is legit and original because it works perfectly and all tools from Tenda like the mobile app works with this device. The only thing you may be worried about after buying this is how to set it up. That’s why I’ll be sharing a guide on how to set this up on my next post. Please subscribe or follow me on social media for updates. 

Actual Photos

Product Image Gallery from Lazda

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26 thoughts on “Tenda AC11 MU-MIMO|AC1200 Wi-Fi Router(Review)”

  1. Roman Jay Rodriguez

    Hi I planning to switch to Converge this month. May I ask since I am not si techy person, did you use this tenda router as a repeater or router in your home. I also live in Bacoor and we do have 2nd floor and you mentioned on your previous post that you are not allowed to customize Converge provided router.

    1. Hi, yep youre right the modem from converge is not that customizable.. i used tenda as router so that the speed will not be compromised .. You will only set it up as a repeater if you dont have a cable.. But I highly recommend it as router since repeater will only rely on the wifi signal of the original modem from converge

  2. Roman Jay Rodriguez

    Follow up question when using LAN connection to a console or device do you connect the LAN cable directly to the Converge modem or you have tested it at the back of Tenda router? I am aiming to get NAT 1 connection on PSN.

  3. Awesome review mam! I saw your review on Lazada and searched for it for further review , looks promising naman. Already ordered mam. Hehehe.

    1. Hi thanks for your feedback po. I try to make reviews about all my purchases from lazada since I know how hard it is to decide when buying items online. Subscribe kau hehe ?

  4. hindi ba kau naddc minsan kasi meron ako dati nian pero AC10 pag both naka on ang 2.4 at 5g minsan disconnected ako

    1. Nd nmn po bka range issue po un mas maikli kasi abot ng 5g sa 2.4 minsan depende dn sa device na gamt. Sa husband ko gmt nya redmi nd nya ma abot ung range ng wifi pag nsa labas ng bahay pero pag sa iphone po umaabot kht sa labas. Pero nd nmn na ddc

  5. Hi, I’ve given your review a lot of thought. One particular review caught my attention, and that it is capable to turn off WiFi remotely – like when I’m in the office, I can turn the WiFi signal off (as a threat to the kids if homework is not done) at home remotely. Is this true? If yes, are you using Converge’s residential plan?

    If yes again, are you using Tenda’s app or via browser? Thanks again.

    1. Yes to all your question po. I shared my phone’s screen shot ata. When I had a holiday trip in zambales, I am able to monitor and block user thru Tenda’s app while connected on mobile data.

  6. Hello po. Ask ko lang kasi yung piso net namin ay unifi ac m ang nakalagay. at may nabili kami na Tenda a11 para sana ilagay sa bahay ng kuya ko 4 haouses away. Kalilangan ko pa ba maglagay ng switch? Thanks

  7. Great revew! May question lang po. Since dual band sya, papano po magcconect? Pipili kame sa isang ssid lang or automatic po sya? Thanks po.

    1. So if mag kaiba ung ssid mo for each band.. pipili ka as to which band you want to connect. Pero meron sa settings na pde mo set same ssid and may option to connect on preferred band.. kaso pag nag pref band kasi may mga devices na hirap mag switch sa pref band so much better kung mag kahiwalay ung ssid.. hope that helps.. please subscribe

  8. Hello! Tenda looks so promising thanks to your review i stumbled upon google huhu ive been dying to upgrade to Converge FiberX but I know these basic plans offer the most basic modems soo I have a few questions po regarding your router/modem Tenda 🙂
    — you mentioned in your comments that you used Tnda as your router sooo:
    1) how did you turn off the SSID po sa converge router? And with regard to the cable.. did you literally just transferrd the cable from the default modem converge gave you to Tenda? 🙂
    2) wont it affect the speed?

    Huhu. Im a semi techy person but not this techy :(( And i want to help my aging (and getting impatient parents) get the most speed out of our new fiber plan. Thank you Ms. Miel! (might ask some more after i read your reviews haha!)

    1. Hi, Thanks for dropping by Fallon. Yes, I’ve used LAN cable to provide an internet connection to my Tenda router and disabled the WiFi signal of Converge’s modem by going to the router settings this may vary I guess depending on the router provided by Converge. Just an FYI our converge router is ZTE F660. Screenshot >>> https://bit.ly/2Y7IsWF

      The connection didn’t change but the ping definitely improved (less lag for gaming) and since the router has bandwidth control I was able to provide proper bandwidth distribution to each device we have depending on our needs. Eg. my mom only watches youtube so I provided her more DL speed that Upload. Since I stream on my PC, I provided it with unlimited bandwidth.

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