Last time I posted an initial review about Converge FiberX 1500 in Cavite and mentioned that their router isn’t the coolest router provided to us by an internet service provider that’s why it needs a little boost. That boost is to buy a Tenda AC11 (AC1200) MU-MIMO router that I can use to manage the WiFi distribution here at home.

Since I got the router and the Ethernet cable I purchased, it’s about time to share a review. This is to let you guys know whether the internet we got from Converge is maximized to its fullest after having this WiFi router or no improvement at all.

Just be aware that this post is not sponsored but has some affiliate links that will give me a small earning if you use them to purchase the item. Thank you in advance to those who will use it and to those who will continue to support this blog.

Shipping Experience for this item

I’m so happy that this Wi-Fi router I ordered came in too early than the estimated delivery date. I ordered it on May 7 and got it on May 12 instead of May 22. The item was ordered overseas that’s why it took some time. But this is the cheapest among all the listed items of the same brand and model. But it didn’t disappoint me because I received it 10 days earlier. There are some sellers that are based in the Philippines but they have a higher price.

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It was delivered without bubble wrap and there are some tiny scratches on the pouch but the item is secured in its box. Thanks to the somehow good box of this TendaAC11(AC1200) MU-MIMO Smart Wi-Fi, it didn’t have any damage.

Tenda AC1200 is not the model

I tried to scan the mall and some networking peripheral shops near me and I couldn’t find the same model. They kept on telling me that they have is a Tenda AC1200. For routers you may see this “AC1200”, just so you know, that is not the model number. It is the total maximum bandwidth of the router. This means a router with AC1200 can handle up to 1200 Mbps Wi-Fi bandwidth (300M bps for 2.4 GHz and up to 900 Mbps for 5 GHz).  So the model that I’ve got is Tenda AC11 and the router that the local shops have is Tenda AC6 which happens to be AC1200 as well.
That can lead you to buy a different model if I don’t share this info so hope that this part helps.

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Tenda AC11 (AC1200) Specs

The specifications below are from the product description since I can’t find many detailed specs on the web.

Tenda AC11 Specifications