Please read till the end as I update this blog post from time to time to share our overall experience with Converge ICT.

Geez, I’ve been thinking about titling this post for almost an hour. Cavite version is just weird but I wanted to specify this review for those who live in my area since it may vary per location(I guess). So this is the current Internet service hype in the Philippines — Converge ICT Solutions. Almost everyone is looking forward to having this service provider (including me) to become available in their areas. Finally, I got it. 

Our service got connected on Maundy Thursday and it’s just almost about a month now that’s why I’ll be providing a review about the Converge FiberX plan that I subscribed to.

Here you’ll find out the application process and my current feedback about the service and all you need to know prior to subscribing. I’ll have this updated from time to time to make sure that you get the right information when deciding to switch. Don’t forget to write your own experience and comments later on. ?

Converge Available Plans

All their plans are unlimited and range from 1500 PHP to 7000 PHP. To show you here’s a table for their plans

Plan and MSFSpeed
FiberX 150025 Mbps
FiberX 250075 Mbps(used to be 50 Mbps)
FiberX 3500100 Mbps(used to be 75 Mbps)
Xtreme 4500300 Mbps
Xtreme 7000500Mbps

Perks for having the highest plan (Xtreme 7000)  is that you get their FiberX Share Linksys EA7500(router) for free. It’s worth around 9000 PHP and uses MU-MIMO technology. It means the router can distribute data speed simultaneously. Perfect for multiple heavy internet users.

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Applying for Converge FiberX Plan

Converge’s application process is not so similar to the regular processes for internet service applications. I have tried all internet service provider before since my mom loves moving places, so I can say that this application with Converge is quite different.

To explain you the process here are the steps I’ve taken to apply for Converge FiberX 1500:

  1. I contacted a sales rep from Facebook who posted that our location (Barangay Habay II, Bacoor, Cavite) is now serviceable ( I messaged him just a few minutes from the time he posted the availability).
  2. The guy went to our house with an application form and asked for an ID and proof of billing. He advised me to check my email from time to time since the approval will be sent via email. Make sure you have one when applying for Converge hehehe.
  3. He took a photo of our house, it’s required according to him. Maybe for them to easily locate the place. (So don’t panic when they take a picture of your house).
  4. A few days later, I got an email with account details, how to make a payment and the validity of the application. It says there that I have to make the initial deposit of 1500 through their available payment channels within 7 days or else the application won’t be valid anymore.
  5. I made a payment using Metrobank Online on the same day I got the email. Converge doesn’t seem to have a better tracking or customer account management systems yet. They just ask the customer to fill out an online form to confirm the payment and upload a payment confirmation. Screenshot or Photo of a receipt.
  6. The next day after making the payment, Converge’s installation team came despite being a holiday. Yes, that was on Maundy Thursday, April 28, 2019.
  7. They love taking photos. They asked me to stand beside the router and they’ll take a picture of me and the router. (Mandated as well). Maybe to avoid scams or usage of someone else’s identity.
  8. After installation, it just took less than an hour to be activated. Important note from the installer, do not change the WiFi password until we get a bill and never reset the modem. I’m not certain why, but I think the installer mentioned a “dedicated IP” for the modem.

Their Modem/Router

I guess it’s not usual to discuss the modem on an ISP review but I’ll talk about it anyway. The thing is that the modem made me feel unsatisfied.

They gave us a single band 2.4 GHz ZTE F660 modem. My aunt had a dual-band router from Converge, the one that looks like a PLDT Fiber modem the 4 antennas. I asked the installer if they can use a router like my aunt’s since it doesn’t have an extra charge. But he told me it’s out of stock.

Well, I asked it because I was eavesdropping on them. I overheard that our router is the last 2.4Ghz router and the next installation they’ll conduct will have the bigger router. Hate that guy ?.
Anyway, this modem provided by Converge is not better than Globe’s Aztech modem. Just a quick comparison of the two modems:

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