Breastfeeding is best for babies. No one would ever contradict that including me. My first child was breastfed for two years and now that I have my second child I wanted to still feed her with the healthiest milk for her.

The way I feed milk to my son 6 years ago was directly from my breast since I am always at home.

But unlike before, I’m working now. As a matter of fact, I shall get back to work by Monday since my maternity leave has already ended.

I wouldn’t want to stop my little girl from having the best for her. So today, I’m about to share what breast pump I am currently using.

Why I needed a breast pump?

I had spent so much money from pregnancy until I gave birth. I had a high-risk pregnancy due to asthma and hyperthyroidism. My baby turned yellowish and was diagnosed with hyperbilirubinemia and had acquired pneumonia from the pediatric ward.

My baby is okay now. Her conditions were gone and treated when she was 19 days old. Even though we have spent a lot of money I’m still very thankful that she’s very well now.

Anyways, we all know that the best pump comes with a high price tag. But we cannot afford spending thousand(s) just for breast pumps. So we tried the cheapest pumps.

Although, I am not yet feeding my baby on a bottle. I’m still practicing with breast pumps to have more supply of milk.

What is breast relievers for lactating mothers?

The first pump that my husband bought was made of plastic and costs less than a hundred. Those were the ball type. It’s very common and can be found in supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores.

Those types of pumps can usually contaminate the milk because there are chances that the milk can go through the rubber ball which is not good at all.

Some brands call it breast relievers. It can relieve you from the pain of having full of milk on your breast and the pumped milk are not suitable for consumption.

Because I’m not feeding my baby with a bottle yet, I didn’t have any problems in using that type of pump.

However, two weeks ago, I thought that I should get a better pump that won’t harm my baby.

I ventured for the most affordable pumps.

I strolled around the mall and checked how much are the manual breast pumps. As I have checked on the baby section of the Dept store the cheapest is around 800.

Honestly, that time I am looking for a breast pump that costs 300 pesos or less because that is all I got.

My sister suggested for me to check at the supermarket since she got her pump for 100+ pesos. The pump that she is suggesting is ball type too, but, the milk goes directly to the bottle. That should be fine, but I have used that pump before. The pump that she’s talking about doesn’t take much and the rubber suction gets torn easily.

I have seen the same pump that my sis was talking about, but I decided to check out other pumps. The sales lady saw me confused. I found an affordable manual breast pump.

How does this manual breast pump work?

She showed me how it works. I’m pretty amazed because she tried to pump her upper chest ( below the collar bone) and after three pumps her skin was suctioned well and it turned red somehow. Because of that, I believed that it is a nice pump.

She also told me that it will stay suctioned and if it hurts I can release the suction by pressing the button.

Price Tag

After the sales lady showed off how to use the pump, I decided to buy it. It’s just less than 280 pesos.

I’m using it for two weeks now and it’s really nice. The only annoyance I’ve got is the suction rubber. It feels sticky recently and it’s quite slow in regaining the bubbled shape of it.

But overall, it is easy to use, safe and affordable. Durability is still under the test because I only had this for just two weeks.

Here’s the actual photo of the pump when I opened and tried it:

I’m quite satisfied with it. I’m just hoping that this item would stay with me for long.

Late Update: This product didn’t really last long. The pump got broken easily. Check out my other breast pump review I got from Lazada. It is cheap, durable and functional. Read the review here.

Thanks for reading. Keep sharing