Hey guys, I’m back. I’m not sure if I’m really back completely. But I am here updating y’all about my current activities with bitcoin.

I’ve been idle for a while due to my high-risk pregnancy and been busy with my newborn baby.

I got a little broke because of the sudden shutdown of Ethrade. I didn’t invest too much in them so there are really no hard feelings.

Since that loss, I stopped looking for other opportunities because I am not ready to lose anything yet especially that I just gave birth.

I’m still into bitcoins. So during my free time, I still collect from bitcoin faucets that I trust since the beginning of my bitcoin journey. Although there are no big earnings from it. I am still confident that I won’t be losing anything from them.

Also, I’d like to let you know that my hash power from Genesis-Mining is now allocated for LTC (Litecoin Mining).

I did that because of the high growth potential of Litecoins. Just so you know I’ve been collecting BTC, LTC, and Doge from faucets even before. But because of the flashy lights that are pointed to bitcoins, I neglected my old passphrase on some wallets which led to a loss.

Now that Coinbase has LTC wallets I know that it will all be safe. Btw, Coinbase doesn’t support buy and sell options in the Philippines that’s why I usually transfer my LTC to Poloniex.

Poleniex is a trading platform/trading market/broker(? Whatever they call it, that is where people trade. Lol) for most of the altcoins. I am trying to learn to trade and I am starting it by using my mined LTC. Those were just small amounts so it’s still safe for me to take the risk.

The only rule I know in trading is to buy when the price is low and sell when the price is high and trade only the money you’re ready to lose. I’m no good at predicting and not so knowledgeable with trading tactics, but I haven’t lost any trades yet.

I’m looking forward to trading in high ranges once I am ready. Don’t hesitate to comment with any suggestions on how I can be a better trader.

To sum up, everything I can say that I am still somehow investing in bitcoins in the small, safest, and trusted ways that I know. The only failure I had been was with Ethtrade. But the rest of my old posts are still legit to use in money-making with bitcoins.

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