Having hyperthyroidism during pregnancy is really hard.

Today, I was sent back home after coming late to the office. I was late because I’m experiencing a thyroid storm when I woke up. I slept for a long time and it led me not to be able to eat on time. After I got calm, I went to the office, but I can’t breathe really well, my hands were shaky, and later on finding that I’m having palpitations. Our clinic doesn’t do much for pregnant women so they decided to send me home.

It really sucks to have some pre-existing conditions while you are pregnant, especially hyperthyroidism because of the following reasons:

First of all, during pregnancy, you tend to eat a lot because you are not just feeding yourself but also the baby. And because of hyperthyroidism, I tend to eat more than normal pregnant women do.

I am very worried about having an underweight baby. That is common when the mother is suffering from hyperthyroidism. For those who do have the same condition, always make sure to see your OB and an endocrinologist.

Not only eating a lot, but I’m emotionally stressed most of the time too. Imagine a pregnant woman most likely are stressed what more with those people who have hyperthyroidism who suffers from hormonal imbalance.

Another thing, I always feel tired, few walks make me feel like I walked meters. Well, for some pregnant women it can be normal too, but palpitating after few steps isn’t that normal. There are also times that my heart beats fast, even when I’m just sitting.

Lastly, it’s always an effort to go to two different doctors, because of this condition my spending is too high.

What to do when you also have hyperthyroidism during your pregnancy?

So to all mommies who suffers from this condition, always make sure you have your regular checkup and never miss a dose of your medication. Previously, my doctor for thyroid advised me that my result went higher despite the fact that I’m taking my meds all the time.

Reasons could be because of stress, this can also make your thyroid really active. I live alone and got a few friends, most of my problems or thoughts were just kept on my own maybe that’s one thing. Also, there

Also,  there could be some food that needs to be avoided when you have hyperthyroidism which I found out recently. Those are the rich-in-iodine type of food like seafood, caffeinated drinks, and dairy products. I’m not the only one who has hyperthyroidism, all of my relatives who suffered from this condition says that seaweeds helped them recover, now I’m wondering how.

This condition can make your baby be underweight, so always make sure you also have regular follow up with your OB so they can monitor the weight of the baby. At the moment I was given a prescription for 5 types of vitamins, which makes me feel hungry and sleepy when at work.

Hope everyone got something from this post, I know it’s more about my experience, but I just wanted to share in case you guys are not totally aware that you have hyperthyroidism already. If there’s something you can share with us too, please leave a comment.

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