Hey guys!

I’ve been writing in this blog whenever I remembered that I have one. If you could see on the gaps it has really been a while. But you know I decided to change the site name from momniazpopot to mielygraphy.

Just a quick background about that, the old name of this blog means that ” I am the mom of AZpopot(popot is just his baby nick name)”. Today, my son is no longer a baby. He’s turning 6 on the 26th of this month. Now I changed it to mielygraphy because I’m 6 mos pregnant, so I may be writing about 2 kids now from 1. Basically, I thought it would mean ” writings of miely(which is my name)”

I have decided to make this as an active blog than before because I really love writing. It just happened that I had a paid blog before about different topic which I just closed down.

My goal here would still be the same as before but I’ll add something that could be useful for other mom’s out there and also general audience. I hope you guys will enjoy.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂