It’s a very tiring day, yet still one of the bests and happiest moments for my son. Though today is not yet his birthday. We had an advanced birthday celebration for him.

We just moved and not yet encountered any neighbors and at the same time we don’t have big budgets for a big party due to having a complicated pregnancy. So it isn’t much called as a party. Well, I called it a feast. Few of our relatives came to give him best wishes. My aunt brought him cake. My uncle brought some ingredients for shabu-shabu but they came late, and everybody were full already. But tomorrow we’ll have it served.

My son, despite of not having a huge party, he deeply appreciated everything. We bought him a scooter or trolley (I don’t know what it’s called). He kept telling us that he was really happy on his birthday and said he wish it will never last.

I thought, we are not able to make everyday as especial as this but I hope I could somehow make it better everyday. Maybe, it’s a good thing that he appreciates simple events like this or maybe not because we might have missed something to make him feel loved.

Or worst is maybe I’m just overthinking.

I hope I could make him happy every day as it gives me fulfillment. I’m happy to be with him right now but after 2 days he has to be away since his school is far and so my work. We’re living separately at the moment. And hopefully, we’ll be together soon.