On the last payday, I got in the office too early so I decided to take some walk and window shopping at Uptown Mall. The mall is just beside our office building(actually they were interconnected buildings). My usual spot is the National Bookstore for any malls that is the first place/shop I always try to look for.

My Favorite Store NBS

I went there and tried to look for cheap items that I can buy. The National Bookstore at Uptown Mall has a very small range of brush pens, they don’t even have Tombow or Zig. My favorite Pilot pens are not even available so I just checked all sections and tried to look for whatever. That’s the bad thing about me when I have extra money I tend to look for something to buy any item that would cost less than 300.

So I saw a bunch of old journal stocks like they were on sale but the price knocked me down because they were expensive for their presentation. They have Rhodia sketch pads and Moleskine ruled journals there, which is something I couldn’t find at the National Bookstore of SM Bacoor. I just gave you a tip about it in case you’re trying to look for one.

This post isn’t really about my journey in digging into the National Bookstore of uptown Mall(I just realized that), this is really about the cool items I bought there. They’re good items and very affordable. Take note that I’m not an advertiser of these stores and products I just really wanted to share it.

1. VECO Sparkling Notes