Family is not an important thing, it’s everything!

Two days ago, everyone celebrated the hearts day or valentines day. Most of the couples out there went on a date, spent time on an exclusive restaurants, watched movie or just made their loved ones days so special by giving gifts, chocolates or flowers.

That was so ideal. But I never experienced that kind of valentines. Whenever I say that valentines is just a cliche, they will tell me that I’m just bitter. Probably I am. I don’t know but I never felt envious about getting gifts during valentines day because I’m allergic in flowers anyways and I may not appreciate gifts especially if doesn’t fits me. I think you have to make your love one’s feel special no matter what day it is. I may feel more special if I’d get the love and attention in a daily basis. LOL

But how did we spend our valentines day? Hmm. I didn’t realize it was valentines day until my partner greeted me. He didn’t give anything aside from hugs and kisses. I’d never expected anything from him. He’s a house husband and had no income at all.

It’s payday so I decided to go out with him and the kids. We just ate our favorite bibimbowl from BonChon. It just sucks that they gave me a coupon after our orders, argh.

My son’s request to buy a bay blade was completed. My hubbie’s request for new underwear was completed too. Well I bought my self a Fude Pen by Pilot Petit 3 which I will review soon. Oh I also bought a Dove Baby bath and diapers for Mikay and I’ll also do a review about it soon.

During night, me and my hubbie spent some time to play Mobile Legends and drink two bottles each of Red Horse for him and Tanduay Ice for me. Sweet HAHAHA! 

The next day after valentines day, my mom brought us to Hap Chan for a family dinner and had ice cream at McDonalds ice cream booth after eating. My mom was forced to buy me an Apollo Meiji Chocolate. 😀

Then tikoy at night.

So the valentines day is just a normal pay day/ day off to us. Hehe. How did you spend yours?