Finally, I took the risk and ended working as a call center agent. Well, it has been 3 weeks of being an official stay-at-home mom. This time I’ll try my best to pursue being a better blogger for real!

Also, since I realized I had a YouTube Channel before, I decided to fill it up with vlog posts about “Life After Quitting My Job Series”. It was fun creating videos even though I wasn’t that great at it.

One of my fear is to take videos of myself. I can’t help hating my face and voice when I watch it. Hahaha! Right now, I’m trying to build my confidence with it.

The story of my beginnings…

So many years ago, I decided to create an English blog because I feel so stupid about this language. I’m not so fan of literature and I hate reading.

No one could ever imagine that I would write stories and stuff as a blogger today. If you’d notice how I write, it’s very basic and not flowery at all. Even with all my intros and finales are just the same.

It’s really because I don’t read much. Especially books! I had to challenge my self in the past to read at least one book per month but I wasn’t able to make it.

The point of this story part is just to tell you that I ain’t writing now if it wasn’t just a challenge for me to practice the language. Not really how terrible I am in reading a long piece. My English still makes me panic but it has improved, I BELIEVE.

Blogger and Broke.

I’ve always wanted to be like this, stay with my kids and write full time. But due to the fact that I am the only person responsible for our family’s finances, I cannot.

Despite being broke, I decided to quit my job after I got a small part-time job. Sadly, we had to cease the work in the meantime because the business is off-season right now.

So my last pay and everything that dropped from my previous job, that was our only resource. It isn’t enough for us to make it until tomorrow because of some reason. We have a backup plan though, for me to pursue this blogging life.

Still hoping

Our back up plan is really to switch roles. My husband used to stay at home. But now, he is trying to look for a job. Whatever job it is, it will only be a minimum waged job or less.

That’s the reason why I was the one working all these years. But we’ll try our best t live that way. He’ll work and I’ll blog and continue with my freelancing.

My last money from my previous job is fading

Yesterday, my baby girl was admitted to the hospital since she hasn’t been eating nor drinking these past few days.

My baby Mikayla and her papa