Hi, mommies and everyone! I promised you guys that I’ll be sharing something very useful for everyone.

I waited more than 65 days before sharing this with all of you. So what is it all about? Well, it’s about having a passive income by investing. Not everyone is so open about spending some cash in some useful things. Most of the people, they’d rather spend money on some kind of clothes, gadgets and other stuff. Which I believe is somewhat useful too but not spending on them all the time.

My college friend has been posting for over a year about investment online. They use cryptocurrency which I’m very familiar with. So primarily they use bitcoin, ethereum, and USD in trading.

I’m using bitcoin for 3 years already in some small-time money-making stuff online which doesn’t involve any investments. However, I only get cents from it. Well, for three years of doing it I have earned a lot but I didn’t realize there’s something more that awaits me until I asked my college friend about what she was posting about.

She told me that it’s like a mutual fund or holdings (it’s jargon for me but I’ll try to explain). She said that when I invest at least $10 (which is the minimum), I could earn at least 15 – 25% per month. I asked her, “how would my investment grow without doing anything?”. She said, ” Some people would trade it for us as investors and of course they’ll give us commission from their earnings since they are using our funds to trade.”. I also asked her how she can prove to me that it is legit. She sent me her withdrawal transactions history using a bitcoin wallet that I’m also using ever since I started using bitcoins.

I believed her finally, but I had to be cautious. I cashed in 500PHP(Philippine Peso) on my bitcoin wallet and bought/converted them to bitcoin. I was able to obtain 0.01 BTC( Bitcoin) that time because I also have a small amount of bitcoin. I deposited that money on the website. I waited for 60 days for the funds to be matured since if you cash out your earnings earlier that 60 days you’ll pay the site for commissions, unlike if you wait for 60 days there would be no commission involved.

I was able to get a return of 0.0122 BTC, so for 60 days, I earned 22% returns. 22% for me isn’t that bad at all because they don’t trade during weekends and at the same time, I just waited for it. But you know what the truth is? It isn’t just 22%, why? Because when I converted it back to PHP it is worth 1550 PHP so it is more than 50% because the bitcoin price went up.

So now, what I did I have added another 600 PHP on my investment, but since bitcoin is now expensive, I was able to convert it to 0.00463973 BTC. I added some of my small amount of bitcoin and the last withdrawal of 0.0122 BTC and reinvested a total of 0.0171 BTC. I’ll be waiting another 60 days to see the results but I will be adding more investments every time I receive my salary to grow my money.

I’m sharing this with you guys so you can also try it. It is definitely legit since my friend is using it as her main source of income at the same time she is leading a community here in the Philippines that educate people about this kind of income opportunity. I’m hoping that you’ll try it too. I’ll have some of the screenshots that I was able to have about this story so you can have proof as well. I know sometimes it’s hard to believe these kinds of stuff, don’t worry I’ll help you understand it better. If you want more information about it, you can chat with me when I’m online.

Here are the screenshots. The time and dates may vary a little bit because of the time zones of these two websites.

Cash – in Conversion from PHP to BTC and Deposit transaction Deposit received and investment portfolio been created


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Update : This program has ended at the same time of Bitcoin Fork

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