Bitcoin Cloud Mining?

Check out two legit cloud mining services I use.  

I have been loving bitcoins for months now or maybe a year already. And I have tried so many things just to find the right ways to earn it. As I remembered, the value of it before was just around 10,000 PHP, but now it’s almost 30,000 PHP. As of 12/17/17, it is around 970k PHP per Bitcoin. In less than a year, its value increased enormously. Very unusual if you’ll compare it with the regular currencies.

Anyway, this post is not going to focus on the value of Bitcoin. I opened it up just for you guys to have an idea of how this Bitcoin industry is going very well.

In my previous posts about how to earn some bitcoins, I’m sure I mentioned somewhere there pertaining to investments or mining. I guess. But if not, then I’ll tell it to you here.

Honestly, I am not really good at explaining bitcoin mining because I don’t even understand it. As far as I know, you have to run a PC 24/7 with its most high-end parts that consume electricity very much. So I didn’t even bother learning more about it.

Until I found out things about the what-so-called “Cloud Mining”. I know cloud it’s up above in the air and impossible to mine but, before they just call it the web, now they call it cloud.

So cloud mining services provide you the capability to mine without having their systems or whatever hardware. Basically, you’ll use the software/website and the Internet.

That’s why they called it a “cloud” because you use the provider’s hardware and connect with them over the internet. I am not so sure if I was able to explain it so well, but you can leave a comment anyway and I’ll answer questions if there will be.

Going back to the topic. I don’t really think cloud mining is exactly the same as the real-thing mining. I think it is more likely an investment.

If you have more money to invest, the more you’ll earn. But of course, the earnings are lesser with cloud mining than the ones that aren’t in the cloud.

You just have to be really careful about where to invest. There are only two legit cloud mining sites that I use, check out on my next post.

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