Have you ever thought about earning some money from your smartphone?

I am talking about real money not just gold coins or gems on the usual games that you play.


If you haven’t tried that, then I think you just fell on the right post.

I am not a fan of gaming or whatsoever, but my son usually asks me to play his games and sometimes look for games that he can play. He doesn’t know how to read yet, nor typing words. So I am the one who always finds a game for him.


One time I tried to type in the word “BITCOIN” in the search box of the app store and I found out that there are simple games that you can play hourly to generate some money.


After seeing the results, I downloaded the games to my mobile device and tried to play it alone. The games are very casual and I don’t find it interesting. But one time my son saw me playing it and he asked me to download it on his tablet.


My son is enjoying it, especially the Bitcoin Aliens. Now I let him play the games while I earn the money. Anyway, the earnings also go to him.


If you want to download these games go to http://bit.ly/btcoinapp 


You better try this one and let your kids play it and find some time to play too. 🙂

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