Recently, our neighborhood were so alarmed about dengue. Two adults were hospitalized and a young girl passed away because of this viral disease. 

It was a heart breaking news in our street when we found out what happened to the young girl. There’s no dengvaxia or whatsoever related with what happen to her. But the family claims that the hospital are too slow in giving treatment to the kid that’s why she didn’t make it. 

Because of what happen, everyone are quite concerned about our whole area. I guess there should be a wider concern coming from the local government too. But waiting for them to action on something may put our lives at risk. We don’t want anyone to die because of dengue. It could’ve been prevented.

Here in this post we’re going to list down some things to do for us to prevent dengue virus from striking our homes. Most of it were very common but we always tend to neglect. So let’s tackle it!

How to Prevent Dengue Virus?

Prevent Dengue infographic