Two days ago, I made a post about the new feature of GCash which is the ability to invest money with them using their app. That post was published using the new editor of WordPress.

When was it released?

After WordPress released its update to 4.9.8, I immediately noticed their notice about the new editor to try out from the Dashboard. This editor is called Gutenberg. The editor seemed to be really interesting because it will allow you to experience a new way to create much richer content effortlessly. I believe that this was launched with some beta testers first. 

What is it to have a new editor?

Their agenda is to allow users to add blocks like headers, paragraphs, images, audio, video, widgets, columns and a lot more cool elements that you can use to create a rich content. This is also a great editor for those people who aren’t good with using HTML and embedding stuff to create a great content.

So by telling all those good things. I’m really excited for them to develop this thing well. Based on their plug in page, this editor is planned to be the built in editor for WordPress version 5.

After updating it, I did my first post using it which is the GCash Invest Money. On the first preview everything was fine so I hit schedule post. I thought everything was okay then but yesterday, I found that it didn’t go through as expected. I was able to edit everything but I am quite disappointed about what happened.

There were blocks of images and paragraphs that were gone missing. I’m quite disappointed about it somehow but I am still hoping to get a better experience with it.