Not all my relatives or friends knows that I am so much into blogging. I’m quite shy to show off everyone what I do. I feel less confident with how I write since I use a second language which is English. Also, I find it hard to answer the question “What kind of blog do you have?”

If you noticed most of my topics are random. I have been so defensive about it on my old posts. But I guess it’s about time for me to finally give a conviction in telling people what type of blog do I have. I think this is the time for me to spread my wings and fly. LOL.

Whenever signing up for something, they usually ask what is the category of your blog. I answer it as “others”. But based on continuous research I finally found out what category this blog falls under.

So what blog is this?

On my best understanding, this isn’t a personal blog. Based on the web personal blogs pertains to a diary. Where the blogger is quite supposed to write in what happens to her or probably about her reflections within that day.

Since it is not a personal blog then let’s consider this as a lifestyle blog.

Waa!! I don’t think so?

Do you agree that this is a lifestyle blog? If not help me decide. To be honest I really don’t feel or look at this blog as a lifestyle blog.


Try to search for a lifestyle blog now. You’ll see a lot of beautiful blogs with great photos. Showing how good life is for them. But lifestyle isn’t just about having a good life, house, clothes or whatever. It’s about how you live your life.

In my case, I don’t have fancy things. I don’t even go to fancy places. But I write the things about what I buy, what I use and give some tips based on how I go about things or events that happen to me. Most of those things I write are based on my lifestyle.


Yes, lifestyle! It’s not just for rich people it’s for everyone. This is the lifestyle most people in the Philippines are. What we do is try to improve our life by getting into wise decisions. That’s where I come in. I’ll try my best to write things that could give others a wise decision.

What to expect after knowing what I blog about?

Same thing. I will still write reviews to help you with your decisions in buying stuff. But don’t expect me to buy too expensive stuff to review that doesn’t match our lifestyle, okay?

I will still try many things to be better in managing my finances to help others too. And will still do random posts that my brain tells me to do.

What I am expecting from everyone?

I don’t have a big group of friends to ask for support. So I am hoping to get support from those who read and follow my blog. I wish to get in touch with every one of you but I don’t know-how. Please give some feedback or suggestions for this blog to improve.

For those who also blog

Please comment and share with me what type of blog you have, why you chose that type of blog and your blog link. So I would know if I am tagging my blog incorrectly, and it’s nice to discover blogs from simplest(like mine) to greatest. Hope you’ll give me time to share your blog on this post.

Thanks for reading and staying with me. I wrote this out of nowhere while drinking instant coffee. No edits as always, sorry for my terribleness. 

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