I usually get home around 3:30-5am. But 2 days ago I was able to get home earlier than everyone expected. I was able to take a ride as soon as I get out of the office that’s why.

My baby Mikayla stays awake from 2 am to 3 am, so whenever I get home she usually had fallen asleep already. According to my mom who takes care of her, Mikayla keeps on crying or irritated whenever she’s awake between those times.

I’m so glad to come home early that day. As I enter the room, she stopped making a sound even though the light is still off. It seems like she knows who just arrived or maybe I’m just assuming. We have a dim light, but I have poor eyesight so I decided to turn on the lights to see her.

When she saw me and she laughed or probably smiled real hard without a sound. I guess it’s normal for babies to laugh without a sound. But when I took her, she started kicking and make some sounds. Her voice is so high pitched and you’ll definitely know how excited she was.

I feel like I took a fluffy fat cat, coz’ she’s literally heavy (I mean 13.8 lbs at her 3rd month). A cat? Coz’ she sounded like a squeaking cat. And she’s so huggable and adorable. And lovable. And kissable.

I took her so she could sleep beside me.

She just made me feel untired(if there’s such a word). It’s like drinking satisfying cold water after walking around the desert the whole day. She has that gorgeous smile that takes away almost everything and leaves you with a mark of happiness or joy or whatever it should be called.