I grew up in a family that never forced me to be good or perform well in academics or anything at school. As long as we pass my mom is already good with it. We were never been asked by my mom if we had an assignment or projects to do before watching TV.
My mother is a single mom at the same time working. I’m not a single mom but I’m working full-time and commuting almost 5 hours a day. I wanted my son to excel with his schooling but I can’t really focus him on doing that. My husband who is always with him is not really good at teaching too. So no one really forces him to be good at school either.
I don’t really ask him to do things that he may have done already at school, like reading, writing, or reviewing his lessons. I guess that is because of how I was brought up. For me, he could get tired of studying if I force him to do it when he’s already home. Also, I believed that exams are to test what you have learned, so why review. If you didn’t learn or understand anything, you would’ve asked your teacher to explain further or do some research on the library. Right now, I am thinking how terrible my way of thinking was before.
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Anyway, my son is not good at writing. He’s too lazy to do that. His teacher is always complaining about him for not being attentive in their lectures. If you’ll see his notebook, you’ll only find scribbles and drawings. I tried my best to really beg him to write. We remind him about it before he leaves the house. But soon as he gets home and gets asked if he did it, he would say the teacher took his paper with his writing.
We, later on, found out that he was lying about the part where the teacher took his paper. From then on, he’s already saying the truth. However, he’s still not doing his lectures and hasn’t copied any of their assignments. We tried asking the teacher to give my son some sort of punishment if he doesn’t write but the teacher told us that he never listens.
I even purchased him a touch pen to encourage him to write on the tablet but he’s really much into drawings.
Last week, my husband asked me to review our son because they’ll have their major exams, you know the periodicals? I’m not even sure what they call it. We don’t know which needs to be reviewed because he didn’t even write anything. We ended up not doing it.
Last Friday, he woke up late so the service wasn’t able to drive him to school. Because of that, his father doesn’t have a choice but to send him to school by using our electronic bike. My husband and our son’s teacher were able to talk about the exams. The teacher expressed how surprised she was when our son took the exams. According to the teacher, she couldn’t expect that our son was one of the highest-scored papers. According to her, it was too much unexpected because our son NEVER paid attention to whatever she discusses.
Out of 40, his average mistakes are just around 2 or 3. The only lowest scored subject he had been MAPEH. The questions of that subject are quite subjective so he answered them based on what he just thought. Like what is the most nutritious food among the choices. He answered Pizza, instead of lemon. It was a picture and I’m not even sure if it was lemon. My son loves pizza, no wonder why he wouldn’t answer that.
Anyway, I’m so happy to know that my kid can handle exams without heavy supervision. I also don’t want him to get forced into performing at school. I know he will do his best since he saw our happiness after seeing his scores. To be honest my son is very thoughtful. He loves seeing us happy with what he does. So I’m sure he’ll keep it up. I’m just super proud of what he just did on his exams. It may not be such a big thing for others, but I’ll share it because I’m so proud of him.
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