I’ve featured some ways to monetize your blog, this may no longer sound new to everyone. But of course, I’d still want to share it with you guys to make sure everyone would know about it. So believe it or not, you can earn money from shortening links.
People would ask — ” how would I earn from it? “. Simple, it runs with advertisements. Every time you shorten a link, it would turn into a link with a landing page wherein the page will contain some ads. Before the links will be redirected to a specific page, it would run a timer and after the time has lapsed it would usually show a button that says “skip ad”. Then the process is complete, you have an earning per click.
Well, this doesn’t work well for everyone. Some bloggers use this kind of way of monetizing blogs because they usually offer something free that could be beneficial for the readers or users of the link. For example, download sites. They offer free downloads but they would need some effort from users to click the links and wait for the timer to load and hit the skip ad button.

The reason why other bloggers don’t use this type of monetization is that their readers may find it annoying. But some have their way in positioning it in a positive way with their readers. Usually, they say something that tells the users to support their sponsored links to keep their site or blog at its best. Those kinds of hints are allowed since it’s not like with network ads that don’t tolerate encouragement from users to click the ads.


This also works by sharing the shortened links to social media.
Usually, it gives you revenue of 5$ per thousand clicks. Not really bad, since you’re just going to shorten your long links and share them on your blog, site, or social media.
Hope this clarifies how shortening links help you earn money.


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