This new year, I’m sure many of us have our own new year’s resolution and I’m sure that it would just be the same as your new year’s resolution in 2015. Usually, you’ll say, I’ll be on a diet this year, from now on I’ll save up, I’ll stop drinking, I’ll pay off all my debts, I’ll quit smoking, and so on. But those usual words are just being told at the start of the year. It’s very rare for someone to commit to their new year’s resolution that’s why nothing is being resolved and every year it’s just the same. I admit, I always have a broken new year’s resolution.
So I’m thinking if we can just not call it a new year’s resolution. What if we call it a new life.
If you’ll be given a chance to have a new life and forget all the past what would you do?
This year it’s very important for all of us to be happy, but being happy doesn’t mean you need to spend all your money to hang out, shop or drink. What we need to do this year is to redefine the word happiness. If happiness means getting all stuff that you want, then you’ll never achieve it. Every human has no contentment in material things. It’s in our nature.  What I’m just trying to say is that it’s possible for you to get everything you want, but after getting them all you’ll see something again that you may wanna buy, therefore you’ll not be happy again until you get that new thing that you want. It’s a non-stop cycle.
Happiness is achievable in some ways like having a good relationship with your family, sharing and helping others who are in need, living a simple life, and being a good person. I know that it’s very easy to say and I’m sure that it’s very hard to do. But if we will be able to do that, I think we will be able to accomplish our new year’s resolutions.


Well, that’s my opinion. I think that if we live a simpler life we will be able to save money. By spending more time with your family you might get away with your vices like drinking and smoking. By sharing food you may not get fat. There are so many things that you can do to achieve a new life. So let’s stop drawing our new year’s resolution and let’s start a new life instead.