The year is about to end, I think it’s nice to remember all the good things that happened.

I decided to make a scrapbook (although the materials aren’t really scrap). Scrapbooking is one of my hobbies before when I was a student. I have lots of time to do it back then. However, right now that I have two kids and that I am working, scrapbooking isn’t part of me anymore.

Before I go on rest day, I thought of “what if I make a scrapbook yearly?” Hmmm… That was a really exciting idea, I thought. So, I stopped and think just like Dora. Would I be able to do this scrapbooking considering that now I don’t have much time to do it? Then I realized that I’ll be on off for four days and my husband is with us(well he works away, jsyk). That’s an affirmative sign for the idea to be a reality. Two days ago, I spent hours buying this list of items I needed:

Scrapbooking materials : mielygraphy