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My new yearly project: Scrapbooking

The year is about to end, I think it’s nice to remember all the good things that happened.

I decided to make a scrapbook (although the materials aren’t really scrap). Scrapbooking is one of my hobbies before when I was a student. I have lots of time to do it back then. However, right now that I have two kids and that I am working, scrapbooking isn’t part of me anymore.

Before I go on rest day, I thought of “what if I make a scrapbook yearly?” Hmmm… That was a really exciting idea, I thought. So, I stopped and think just like Dora. Would I be able to do this scrapbooking considering that now I don’t have much time to do it? Then I realized that I’ll be on off for four days and my husband is with us(well he works away, jsyk). That’s an affirmative sign for the idea to be a reality. Two days ago, I spent hours buying this list of items I needed:

Scrapbooking materials : mielygraphy
  • Cold press(ed) illustration board – (50 php) I forgot the size
  • Orange brand Vellum board – (30php / pack of 10 sheets)
  • Elmers glue (I forgot the price)
  • Orion 6inch ruler (20 php, I’d like to have the smallest so that I can have it on my pencil case
  • Stabilo retractable pencil – (40 php)
  • Yarn – I forgot the price too
  • Zig real brush pen – (115 php)

I have the other materials at home and those are:

  • Scissors
  • My son’s Watercolor
  • Cutter

So what I did was to cut all vellum boards into half.

Scrapbooking materials : mielygraphy
Scrapbooking materials : mielygraphy

I piled them up in alternating colors. I made sure that they’re together tightly.

I manually cut the sides of the piled papers. It’s really hard because the vellum boards were thick and my cutter is old and not sharp enough to do the job.

Scrapbooking : mielygraphy
Scrapbooking : mielygraphy

If you are to do the same thing, cut it deeper.

After cutting it, I used the yarn to tie them. I put lots of glue at the string and the spine. Then dried them up so that the papers are sticked together well.

Scrapbooking  : mielygraphy
Scrapbooking  : mielygraphy

I tried to be artistic as possible. So I borrowed my son’s watercolor and painted the illustration board to have a beautiful cover. Of course I cut it to the size of the paper with a little allowance.

Scrapbooking  : mielygraphy
Scrapbooking  : mielygraphy

I spent almost half of my day trying to do this. And I nailed it. Hahaha

My plan was to do this yearly. But I guess I won’t be able to fill the whole book because there’s a lot of pages. Hahaha.

It’s good to be back into scrapbooking. By the end of the year I’ll printout the most cherished photos I have on my Google Photos.

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