What a title? After freaking years of writing blogs, I still suck at titles, intros, and everything about writing. But I am so in love with doing it. Having that love affair with my blog is so satisfying for me.

Anyway, I love writing but I don’t do it full time because I have to work a regular job. Of course to give a living for my family and to pay bills, rent, and everything.

Regular jobs are not satisfying in most cases. Usually, we get sick of doing the same thing over and over again. We tend to get tired of this sickening job and just wanted to quit but we can’t. 

We can’t because we either can’t afford to quit or we just can’t. There’s really no “or” there, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Since we can’t just quit, here are the things we should take into consideration to stay on our current job. Things we should do or think about. Basically a mindset we should always carry with us. (I have to say “we” because I’m in that situation every other month and most likely if you reached this part you may be in the same position now. LOL. )

How do we do that then?

Tiny disclaimer: This may work or may not and this is purely opinion based on my own experience

We need it it so stay thinking about that need.

Make it to the point that you set your mind to this thinking: “I need a job” than “I love this job”. Don’t force yourself to love it. You should’ve not ever thought about quitting if you love it in the first place.

Forcing yourself to love something(even someone) doesn’t really help you in any kind of situation. But having a need for something may eventually lead you to love it. Just don’t stress too much about it.

belief triggers the power to do- How to Stop Yourself from Quitting in Your Current Job